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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Concrete Patio on a Budget

Concrete Patio
Your concrete patio is designed to last for many years and can withstand a variety of weather conditions. While functional in design and cheap to install, your concrete patio may not be too inspiring in its basic design.

To give your outdoor living space a grander appeal that looks beautiful and is more functional, consider any of these three upgrades that can be done on a budget. You can give your home's exterior greater curb allure in giving your patio the makeover you desire.

1. Refinish/Stain Your Concrete

Concrete can be finished with a beautiful stain that mimics natural stone without the cost. Your concrete specialist mixes custom hues and applies them to your concrete patio's surface to imitate granite, marble or the simple earth tones of beautiful river stone. Popular concrete patio hues include:
  • Slate
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Black
Speak to your concrete specialist to see if your patio needs to be treated or repaired prior to applying a stain for a long-lasting finish. If your patio is cracked or chipped, it may need to be resurfaced before it can be stained.

2. Consider Decorative Concrete

If you love the appeal of natural stone or brick pavers but don't want to replace your patio completely, consider decorative stamped concrete. Concrete is poured (new layers can be poured over your existing patio) and then stamped with intricate designs. Stamped concrete is often stained with hues to give it a more realistic appearance.

Stamped concrete is cheaper than installing actual brick and stone while giving you the same look. This is an option for your patio if you have a lot of outdoor floor space and already have landscaping additions in your yard, such as stepping stones, boulder decor and other natural elements that will enhance the new beauty of your patio.

Surround your new stamped concrete patio with loose gravel to help it blend with your landscape if you don't already have rock or brick elements in your yard. This small addition can help your patio stand out even more and add curb appeal to your home.

3. Add Seating Stones

Give your concrete patio greater comfort and entertainment value by adding seating stones. Your concrete contractor can build a wall surrounding your patio with brick or river stone, topping the surface with wide cement ledges. These ledges can be adorned with outdoor cushions or left alone for ample seating. Your contractor can also add slate or granite seating ledges if you don't want concrete.

Finish this new look by adding a fire pit or outdoor cooking stove to your seating area. Seating stones make your patio more versatile and adds texture that you can enjoy.

When you upgrade your concrete patio, don't neglect the rest of your yard. You want your patio to enhance your landscape, not make it look outdated, so talk to your concrete contractor about other low-budget ways you can enhance your yard using natural stone and other elements.

Your budget largely determines what type of upgrade you can do with your concrete patio. Staining your concrete can be the cheapest option and allows you to customize the way your patio looks without doing a lot of changes. Adding a rock wall may take up much of your upgrading budget, but the results are long-lasting and make your patio much more useful.

The right upgrade can make your concrete patio look welcoming and beautiful. Our concrete specialists at P & L Concrete Products Inc. are able to assist you in your exterior upgrade project. Allow us to work with your budget to help you create a patio you will love.