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6 Reasons You Need to Add a Rock Garden to Your Landscape

Rock Garden
If you're looking for a way to enhance the appearance of your yard with natural stone, you may want to consider the advantages of a rock garden. This landscaping feature is unique, but it also offers some practical advantages that you may not know about.
Rock gardens are artful displays of a variety of different types of rock and stone combined with other landscaping features like walkways and architectural structures.
Some traditional landscape features like gardens and fountains take a lot of work and are only seasonal. These traditional features can also come across as a bit unoriginal. However, a rock garden appeals to unique homeowners who appreciate the appearance of natural stone and want to showcase it in their yards.
Here are six reasons why you need to add a rock garden to your landscape.

1. Ease of Maintenance

Once a rock garden is set up, it needs very little maintenance to keep up its appearance. Unlike a traditional garden, a rock garden does not need to be cultivated or watered.
In fact, a rock garden needs almost no maintenance whatsoever. You may need to occasionally inspect and clean your rock garden, but otherwise, you can leave your rock garden alone.

2. Ability to Withstand Any Weather Conditions

Any vegetation that is part of a landscape tends to be sensitive to the weather. For example, a vegetable garden could be completely killed off by a bad drought, which can be frustrating after you’ve spent a lot of time and effort spent on it.
Rock gardens are almost entirely unaffected by weather conditions. If you've been frustrated in the past because the weather has ruined your landscaping efforts, then a rock garden might be perfect for your property. 

3. Design Versatility

You can do many different things with a rock garden. You can work your rock garden into architectural features like walls and structures. Or you could incorporate your rock garden into any vegetation you've got growing and scatter rock garden features in your flower bed to provide some decor during the dormant winter months. 
The design versatility of the concept of a rock garden is impressive. Do some research and find photos online of rock gardens that are particularly attractive or intriguing to you. 

4. Suitability to Any Environment

Your home doesn't have to be particularly artsy or follow any design style guidelines to make a rock garden appropriate. Rock gardens are suitable for any environment.
Regardless of the geographical location or the design scheme of your home, you can design a rock garden that will contribute to the appeal of your pre-existing landscaping. 

5. Affordability

Because rock gardens require so little maintenance, they tend to be significantly more affordable than other landscaping features. You won't need to pay ongoing landscaping fees to keep your rock garden in good shape.
Even the initial costs of a rock garden tend to be fairly low. If you design your rock garden yourself, then you simply need to pay for the materials. It should be relatively easy for you to lay out your rock garden yourself if you desire. 

6. Spacious Appearance

Dense vegetation that's part of the landscaping on a property can make a property look smaller than it is. A property with a rock garden generally features more open space. If you've got a small yard, then this garden might be great for you. 
Rock gardens can make a yard look more spacious by removing some of the clutter that landscaping plants often entail. Homeowners living on a very small property should definitely look into the space efficiency benefits offered by rock gardens. 
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