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Mixing Concrete and Flowers

No matter what the size of your yard is, you’re always looking for ways to make it beautiful and useable. Putting concrete and plants together in your garden isn’t as crazy as you think. With the help of P & L Concrete Products, Inc. you can create a beautiful outdoor space.
Here are some ideas to incorporate both flowers and concrete into your home:
•    Leveled Garden Beds – Concrete garden beds are a great way to create your own backyard garden. Add to the landscape by having different levels, maximizing space, and organizing your plants.
•    Garden Walkways – Be it individual blocks or a meandering walkway, you can install concrete in your garden to have a peaceful stroll among the flowers.
•    Edging – Separate your grass from your flowers by pouring a concrete border between them. 
•    Concrete Patios – If you want to give yourself an entertaining space, concrete patios are the perfect option. They can be flat, textured, or whatever shape and style you want!
P & L Concrete Products, Inc. has a full-service garden center in Escalon, right next to our construction and landscaping supply stores. We have all you need to make your home and property beautiful!