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Septic Supplies

Complete Septic Tank Supplies in Escalon

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Tops and Lids

The tank lid is one of the most important parts of a septic system. So, it’s important to not only have the right lid for your tank but to replace your lid on a regular basis to ensure that the seal remains strong.

We offer custom-made replacement tank tops as well as replacement lids from our stock, septic access lids and septic “patch lids” to meet your needs, whether you are installing or replacing the lid of your septic tank. We trust Polylok, Orenco, EZset and Tuf-Tite for our non-custom lids to give you reliable tops for your system.


Distribution boxes are an essential part of any septic system as they distribute the wastewater to a drain field and ensure that the drain field works properly. We offer multiple types of distribution boxes, including 4-hole, 6-hole, 12-hole and Tuf-Tite HDPE 7- or 9-hole boxes.

Along with distribution boxes and distribution box extenders, we offer meter boxes, valve boxes and sample boxes and risers to help keep your septic system running smoothly.


Manholes provide maintenance access to your septic system. We assemble manholes on-site, allowing us to fill your manhole needs whether you need a cast-iron standard manhole or a bolt-down gasketed manhole.

Pipes, Fittings and Glues

Making sure the wastewater from your septic system can move from the tank to the drain field efficiently is an important part of your septic system. That’s why it is important to use quality pipes, fittings and glues.

We offer a variety of each of these products to ensure that your septic system can withstand weathering and leaks and your wastewater can keep moving. Our pipes, fittings and glues include 4-inch and 6-inch SDR 35 solid pipe, 4-inch SDR perf pipe, 4-inch triple wall perf pipe, ABS pipe, Fernco couplers, Extend & Lok extenders by Polylok, ABS fittings, Styrene fittings and PVC multi-purpose glue.

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  • Other Supplies

    We know that installing a septic system is a process which requires many parts. We stock everything you need to complete your installation so that you can rest easy.

    Our septic supplies include grade rings to help extend the height of your septic tank riser or pump basin, infiltrator chambers for installing your drain field or leach bed, drain rock for your leach field, leach paper, bull run valves and bull run repair kits to split flows to septic fields, rope and Zabel filters to filter the wastewater in your system.

    What Supplies Do I Need?

    For any questions about our septic system supplies or questions about which supplies you need for your residential or commercial system, please contact us.